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You are Innovative

Dig deep within,

Truly pay attention,

You have so many strengths that reside within and being innovative is one!

No, don’t begin by telling yourself that you could never come up with something new.

You are a burst of creativity

You help people to think of new ways to do things

You attract new ideas

You are original

You are innovative

You take initiative

Modeling confidence and standing motivated to always improve

Challenging yourself to learn something new

Whatever you do, don’t let the criticisms of others get to you

Believe in yourself and always trust God to see you through

The road ahead may cause you to second guess yourself but this is a mere distraction

You are a great

A state of art,

Without a doubt the world see’s it

The world is ready to embrace all you have to offer

Remain consistent and focused

Offer new

Always be you!

A lot of our negative thoughts come about as a result of the negative self-talks we tell ourselves daily. The truth is, we all suffer from not being taught how to see ourselves as innovative and full of potential. With this reality it is now our duty to embrace the positive self-talks and retrain our minds to believe that we are greater than we tell ourselves and with God’s help we can do anything!

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