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as much or as many as required: there's too much work and not enough people to do it | he did just enough studying to pass his exams | [as postpositive adjective] :


as much or as many of something as required: you need to get enough ofthe right things to eat | they ordered more than enoughforfivepeople | he used to give us a small allowance, just enough to live on.


to therequired degree or extent (used after an adjective, adverb, or verb): at the time, he wasn't old enough to vote | a house that's big enough foryour family.

For a long time I didn’t think I was anything worth… anything… from being told by teachers that I wouldn’t be anything… to being told by church folk that I wouldn’t be as good as this one or that one… from thinking that I wasn’t tall enough… to thinking I would never be the presence that I thought I knew I had in me… thinking that I wasn’t being considered… leading to self sabotage on every way imaginable…

But one day I had to look myself in the mirror and tell my self that I was enough… not only did I have to say it to myself everyday… not only did I have to practice these lines as if I had to play them live in front of a crowd of thousands of people… but I also had to continuously make sure that I believed it… I had to make sure that the words that I was telling myself were believed by one person… ME… like building up calluses to play the bass guitar knowing that it hurt so bad and if I stopped, it would take me all the way to the beginning of the process… or building a habit to get up and work out… knowing that if I take a day off it would throw the whole thing off… I still haven’t got that one down… it the process of telling yourself that you are enough can be just as intense as attempting to get rid of a 40 year old belly… but it is possible… the fact that it took me all this time to realize that I am enough was well worth it… I now know and believe for myself that I AM ENOUGH… I know without a shadow of a doubt that I AM ENOUGH… even when I slip up and have that cookie that I know I shouldn’t have… or not get up and exercise… or slouch on the couch just because… no matter what I do or don’t do… I AM ENOUGH… I know that what happens to me doesn’t define me… only how I respond to it… so from this moment on I am on a mission to continue to affirm what I know… that I am fearfully and wonderfully made… I am the head and not the tail… I am a peculiar person… I can have what ever I say… because … I AM ENOUGH…!

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