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The underscore of many mental health issues; depression, anxiety, and bipolar disease, is low self-esteem. The Intentional Affirming Movement (I AM) started as a way to help individuals change their internal dialogue from self-doubt to self-promotion.


It is estimated that 16% of the US black population suffers from some form of mental health distress. That’s over 7 million people in our country. In the recent past we have witnessed a considerable amount social duress which has most certainly added to the amount of stress that we carry. 

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I believe that we need to have constant and consistent visible reminders of who we are. We need to continue to affirm ourselves on what we believe and know that we are. 


The affirmations embossed on our gear are a reminder of what we want to project to ourselves and others. The phrase “I am” combined with carefully selected adjectives such as innovate or enough form a powerful statement that reminds us of who we are and who we want to be.

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